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Цап для смартфона typeC-3.5mm за 17.49$

Хорошая цена на мобильный цап. Обещают на выходе отменный звук c подписью hifi.

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For Type-C Devices

Don’t let your 3.5 mm earphones and headphones go to waste just because your device doesn’t have a 3.5 mm jack. Perfect for All Type-c Devices

Perfect Sound Quality

Receive quality sound conversion with this Dongle Headphone adapter! Instant high-definition audio output so you can enjoy your music at its absolute best.

Anti-interference design ensures your music is never distorted or affected Immerse yourself into the musical world!

Real HiFi Lossless Music

384KHz/32 bits lossless audio output, Hifi music decoding, DSD64/128 directly decoding, Direct push 600 ohm high impedance headphones

Support 16 or 24bit/96KHz

HIFI grade silver plated OCC copper wire, 8-core multi-degree compilation, 600D compilation

Цап для смартфона typeC-3.5mm за 17.49$Цап для смартфона typeC-3.5mm за 17.49$

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