Умные часы Makibes L5 за $35.19

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TOP 1: Newest Design: Compaible with andorid and Ios phone.Similar to Amazfit 2 Stratos Smart Watch.

TOP 2: Fashion Sport Watch Design: Compatible with Boys,Girls,Man,Woman.

TOP 3: Replace the strap: this smart watch’s strap is easy to replace and it is compatible with 22MM Amazfit watch strap.

TOP 4: Device Search: Dual search phone, anti-lost.

TOP 5: Calls, Synchronize all the calls: and support call rejection.

TOP 6: SMS: Bluetooth Push Notifications.Leave your phone in your pocket and view notifications on your wrist. When you receive message, it has notification but can not text message via the watch.

TOP 7: Sound Record: Use this smart watch to record sound freedomly and secretly.

TOP 8: Weather: Real-time status of weather can be synchronized via Bluetooth.

TOP 9: Remote Camera: Under the condition that the mobile phone have been locked up, click remote camera on the watch and could preview it. Remote control phone to take picture.

TOP 10: Bluetooth Music: Enjoy convenience on music controlling during exercise.

TOP 11: Heart Rate Monitor: By the green optical sensor, Analyze blood flow under the skin and improper heart rate in real time, Avoid excessive heart rate caused by unproper exercise.

TOP 12: Multiple Sports Mode: 10+sports modes support, record your work out moment(Support Working, Rainning, Cycling, Climbing, Swimming, Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, History).

TOP 13: Sleep Monitor: Enter in o monitoring for sleep interface and click start and then put onto hand to sleep,the pedometer will monitor user’s sleep quality through Oscillation Amplitude and duration of sleep.

TOP 14: Sitting Reminder. Remind sitting time: Click to enter into remainder for sedentariness interface and enter into setting in pressing pedometer for long time,after determining the time then clicking start,the pedometer will conduct vibration and ring-down to reminding activity watch will measure the value of heart rate automatically.

TOP 15: Big Battery Capacity: longtime standby.

TOP 16: Alarm: Set an alarm to remind.

TOP 17: Stopwatch: go catch your time.

TOP 18: Changeable Faces: Customize the face of your Smart Watch to fit your needs.

TOP 19: Force Touch.

Smart Watch senses how much pressure you use when you tap on its face, adding a new dimension to the ways you can interact with it. Press firmly to see additional controls, change watch faces, and more.

TOP 20: Raise LCD on: raise your hand and the screen will on.

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Умные часы Makibes L5 за $35.19

Умные часы Makibes L5 за $35.19

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Умные часы Makibes L5 за $35.19


Умные часы Makibes L5 за $35.19

Обещается крутой экран.

Умные часы Makibes L5 за $35.19

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Умные часы Makibes L5 за $35.19

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